Uninterruptible Power Supply with the highest availability

A  comprised of modules with power of 10, 20, 25, 50 and 60 kW, which can be accommodated in single racks with total power ranging from 20 to 600 kW. In addition, the power Racks can be extended to 3.6 MW by horizontally paralleling up to 60 modules.

Availability to the Next Level 99.9999999% (9 nines)

The higher the Availability, the lower the downtime. By eliminating any single point of failure, adding active-redundant technology, preventing human error and reducing the time to maintain and repair, UPS delivers an industry leading Availability of 9 nines to fulfill the needs of the most critical power applications. it takes downtime from seconds, to the milliseconds level. Availability is formally defined as the MTBF/(MTBF+MTTR). it maximizes the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) while minimizes the Mean Time To Repair with a series of features.

Triple-mode parallel bus

Multi frame connection is one of the advantages of horizontal scalability. Communication between frames and modules is critical, nevertheless for some architectures it is still a single point of failure. A parallel communication is provided with a unique triple-mode parallel bus, that consists of three independent communication lines and three independent electronic circuits. Disconnection or short-circuit on any of the lines does not represent a risk for the system thus eliminating the single point of failure.

Full Bypass redundancy

Some UPS architectures still use centralized critical components like a Single Bypass Architecture (SBA). Centralized components in a parallel system represent single points of failure. Unlike the centralized architectures, our modular UPS, is equipped with a Distributed Bypass Architecture (DBA), that brings full redundancy even in the bypass line, avoiding any system’ single point of failure.

Minimized MTTR

Parallel system availability increases with the reduction of the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). In-frame per-module bypass fuses minimize the time it takes to re-establish a system in an event of output short-circuit.

Safe Smart Battery Test

Battery tests are programmable and safe. Smart Battery Booster architecture, allows the UPS to perform battery monitoring, tests and health status diagnosis without the need for mains disconnection.

Hot-Swappable with Minimized Human Error

UPS modules can be swapped without the need to switch over the load to bypass. Besides that, a per-module parallel isolator fiscally isolates the module from the system minimizing human error and increasing Availability.

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